About ER Handpiece Repair

Until the 1990s, handpiece repair was not given a great deal of consideration. Internal handpiece components enjoyed a long duty cycle with proper maintenance.

With the advent of routine handpiece sterilization as mandated by the FDA in 1993, handpiece repair became a burning issue as the degrading effects of repeated heat processing reduced handpiece life. These expensive precision instruments were now lasting only months before major repair was needed.

Handpiece manufacturers failed to respond to this influx of additional repairs. Turnaround time was measured in weeks, repair costs approached new product pricing, and new turbine replacement costs skyrocketed. Independent handpiece repair offered an alternative to fill the demand for timely, cost effective repairs.

About ER Handpiece Repair

Independent handpiece repair offers a better choice…

Rather than lowering their costs or improving service, the manufacturers responded to this increased competition from independent handpiece repair by seeking additional government regulation from the FDA to keep independent handpiece repair out of the dental market! This attempt failed, and one manufacturer was sanctioned for improperly referring to the FDA in their advertising.

Independent handpiece repair offers a better choice for dental professionals, providing more responsive service and competitive pricing.

Independent handpiece repair is here to stay. We are dedicated to delivering a better alternative for the dental professional when it comes to maintaining their precision dental instruments.